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Pilates & Gym

Nowadays, numerous workout methods are emphasizing the significance of core strength in all forms of exercise. It has become common for personal trainers to acquire a Pilates certification to expand their understanding of movement and exercise.

In fact, it is highly beneficial for personal trainers to have knowledge of proper posture and deviations from it, as this enables them to determine which gym exercises can either help or potentially harm individual clients. While this knowledge can be obtained through various courses and certifications, it is particularly well-standardized and practiced by Classical Pilates methods, such as Smart Movement International.

For individuals who work out independently at the gym, having a basic understanding of Pilates is also useful. This knowledge allows them to ensure the safety of their joints, particularly the lower back when lifting heavy weights. By doing so, they can help prevent injuries, especially to the rotator cuff (shoulder) and lower back.

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