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Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Intelligent Exercise

Are you ready to take your mindful movement routine to the next level? Look no further than Options Studio - Philippines, the leading brand in intelligent exercise. With branches strategically located in BGC Taguig City, Timog Quezon City, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati, Nuvali,  Bellevue Hotel Alabang, and Greenhills, we are the go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts across the metro.


Founded by the esteemed Ole Eugenio, Options Studio offers a wide range of options for your fitness needs. Our holistic approach to Pilates ensures that you have the freedom to choose the perfect workout for your body and mind. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our skilled instructors will guide you through each session, helping you unlock your full potential.


At the heart of Options Studio lies our partnership with Smart Movement International, the premier Pilates education provider. This collaboration ensures that our instructors are equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques, guaranteeing a world-class experience for our clients. With Ole Eugenio, the founder of Smart Movement International, leading the way, our studios are deeply rooted in his 23 years of industry expertise.


Pilates exercise focuses on strengthening the deep muscles of the torso, hips, and shoulder girdle, improving posture and overall body functionality. It can benefit people of all fitness levels, from sedentary individuals to highly fit individuals. Joseph Pilates, the method's creator, believed that noticeable differences in strength and body composition can be seen within a relatively short period of consistent practice. The principles and benefits of Pilates can also be applied to other physical activities and everyday life.

What is Pilates?
Ole Eugenio


Ole Eugenio, the Owner and Founder of OptionsStudio Philippines, is a renowned figure in the world of Pilates. With a background as a former gymnast and extensive training under Romana Kryzanowska, student of Joseph Pilates, Ole holds a deep respect for the Authentic Classical Pilates training that he was exposed to early on. 


Beginning his career in Manila's aerobic classes, Ole quickly gained international recognition by introducing Step Aerobics and Latin Aerobics to Hong Kong and Dubai. In 2001, he became the first Filipino to be fully certified by the Stott Pilates method. 


In 2006, Ole further expanded his expertise by becoming an Instructor Trainer for Stott Pilates® and establishing his own Pilates studio in Singapore. Since then, he has trained numerous students across Asia, contributing to the proliferation of Pilates studios in the region. 


Ole's passion for movement extends beyond Pilates, as he is also a certified teacher of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. Additionally, he has played a pivotal role in the development of the CORE BARRE, CORE SUSPEND, and CORE REFORM systems as part of the Smart Movement® programming. 


Currently, Ole serves as the Pilates Program Director of Smart Movement International, where he leads a team of esteemed Pilates Mentor Educators and certifies Pilates Instructors both locally and internationally.

  • Owner and Founder of Options Studio, a chain of Pilates studios in Asia

  • Fully Certified Mentor Instructor Trainer for Pilates (classical and contemporary)

  • First Filipino to be fully certified STOTT PILATES TRAINER


  • Former Academy International (PAl) in Asia

  • Head Trainer for SMART MOVEMENT Asia

  • Pilates Program Director at COMO SHAMBHALA SINGAPORE

  • Co-Creator of CORE REFORM

  • Co-Creator of CORE SUSPEND

  • Master Trainer for CORE BARRE

  • Master Trainer for Silk Suspension

  • Master Trainer for Cardiolates ®

  • Certified GYROKINESIS ® Instructor

  • Certified GYROTONICS ® Instructor LEVEL 1&2

  • Certified Redcord Neurac Trainer

  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates Trainer

  • Athletic Conditioning Trainer

  • Special Conditioning and Rehabilitation Instructor Trainer

Mission & Vision


At our core, we strive to revolutionize the way people approach movement, to provide meaningful impact and unique experiences through our Pilates rehabilitation program, ultimately improving the quality of people's lives.


Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as the world's foremost authority in education and cutting-edge programs that leave a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

Move With Options

Discover the power of movement at Move with Options in Rockwell, powered by Options Studio - Philippines. This state-of-the-art facility offers a diverse range of classes and personalized training programs tailored to your specific goals. Whether you're looking to build a strong foundation or challenge your limits, our skilled instructors will guide you every step of the way.

For those seeking discipline and focus, Disciplined Studio Makati, powered by Options Studio - Philippines, is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in a serene and dedicated space that encourages mindfulness and self-improvement. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the true essence of Pilates.

Disciplined Studio
Powrhouse Pilates

Powerhouse Pilates, powered by Options Studio, is where strength and empowerment converge. This dynamic studio is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone and help you achieve new levels of fitness. With a team of highly trained instructors, Powerhouse Pilates will guide you in building a strong foundation and reaching your fitness goals.

Piltes Fit Cebu

Experience the marvels of Pilates at Pilates Fit Cebu! Located at the heart of Visayas, and an affiliate of Options Studio Philippines, providing high-quality Pilates training. Unveil your true capabilities and enhance your well-being through the various benefits that Pilates offers.

Powrhouse Pilates
Paragon Studio - 13.png

Introducing Paragon Pilates, the newest branch from the renowned Powerhouse Pilates family. Powered by OptionsStudio Philippines and under the ownership of the esteemed Incoming Mentor and Senior 1 Movement Specialist, Ms. Alex Roces-Nuyda, Paragon Pilates is set to revolutionize the pilates scene in the heart of Greenhills. Our state-of-the-art studio aims to provide a transformative and invigorating experience for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Get ready to embark on a journey towards strength, flexibility, and overall well-being with Paragon Pilates.


Options Studio - Philippines and its affiliate studios are deeply rooted in the teachings of Smart Movement International. With Ole Eugenio's expertise, over 500 instructors have been trained and certified across Asia, the US, India, and Australia. Many of these trainers credit their success to their training with Ole Eugenio, making Options Studio the trusted brand for those seeking excellence in Pilates.


Join the Options Studio community and experience the power of intelligent exercise. Unleash your potential, transform your body, and embrace a healthier, happier you. Choose Options Studio - Philippines and let us guide you towards a stronger, more empowered version of yourself. Elevate your fitness journey with us today!

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