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Bookings and Payment

Who can take Pilates Instructor Course?

Students on our courses are come from the following:

  • Enthusiasts who want to change career or work part-time

  • Physiotherapists and other Physical Clinicians looking to add to their knowledge of rehabilitation possibilities

  • Retiring or semi-retired Dancers and Movement Professionals

  • Pilates Enthusiasts who want to learn more

  • Gym Instructors/Personal Trainers


If you are want to be a Pilates Instructor you can start as a Certified Mat Pilates Instructor or you can go further to become a Reformer Instructor at the studio or gym, or even a Fully Certified Pilates Instructor who can take clients on all the Pilates equipment.

Personal trainers benefit from taking the Mat course to add to their skill set for working with clients, especially clients with postural issues.

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