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Ole Tiangco

Ole is a dance enthusiast, sports fanatic, yoga practitioner and a movement specialist. Growing up in a household of 6 athletic brothers and a health-conscious sister, he quickly developed a liking towards learning movement-based activities. And while other kids his age were watching television or playing video games, he would be outside either climbing trees or playing patintero with the bigger kids.


Ole was a member of his college varsity pep squad and pursued a career in dance. Throughout his career as a dancer, he trained extensively in varied dance forms and practiced different exercise systems. And in 2013, soon after his final curtain call, he had a rare opportunity of undergoing an intensive Pilates instructor training program under Florencio “Ole” Eugenio. Certified in Pilates Academy International (PAI) and Core System of Smart Movement, he is working hard to deepen his understanding of movement physiology and fitness. For him, joining Options Studio is a step closer to fulfilling his goals. With his experience in dance, knowledge of biomechanics and passion for wellness, he found himself with a clear vision of his career. – “To be revered as an instructor who motivated individuals to step outside and climb trees. A teacher who helped guide people through their journey to personal wellness, reformed fitness and overall quality of life.”

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