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Jamie Samson

A woman with a mission.


Jamie has been in love with fitness and sports ever since she was a child. She fell in love with it because it helped her distress. At a young age, she got into dancing and tried different sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, martial arts, and the likes. But she fell deeply in love with it when she received her bachelor’s degree in Sports Science at the University of the Philippines.


She chose the course Sports Science with the thought of continuing her passion for dancing. She also wanted to be a doctor — helping others was what she always thought her calling is. As the years went by, she got more immersed with her program and she fell in love with the fact that movement has always been the cure; a cure to lifestyle diseases, self-esteem issues, and stress. That made her stay and pursue this industry more.


She is now happily serving as a movement specialist and a fitness trainer with a mission: to help people become less stress, more confident, healthier, and happier; and share her love for fitness and wellness to everyone she comes to across with.

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