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Chris Almeida

Chris started as a physiotherapist at Amante Municipal Hospital for a year. Assessing patients-stroke, Spinal cord injury, amputee scoliosis to name a few and giving them the needed exercises and modalities to help them achieve their most functional state.


He shifted to the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor at Fitness First Alabang with the thought of guiding people in achieving their fitness goals by reducing the incidence of suffering dreaded diseases due to sedentary lifestyle.


After a decade at the gym, fueled by the desire to help people achieve their health goals, he is now a Pilates Trainer and Instructor Trainer with the guidance of the best Pilates Master Trainer Ole Eugenio. “Thru education I was able to further help other people by developing instructors that share the same desire that I have to teach and spread the benefits of Pilates to people in need.”

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