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Edward Valbuena

Edward has been involved in the fitness industry for 11 years as a Fitness consultant and has spent a large part of that time as a team member at Fitness First Philippines and 360 Fitness Inc. Edward hopes that his clients will gain an understanding of exercise technique and execution as well as that magic element of fun. He encourages everyone to work hard to achieve good and quality result however to understand that, It is important to also make gains in a safe and appropriate ways.


Edward has a big passion in Volleyball and he sometimes participates in some local league such as Progressive Volleyball Cup, National Open, Calinao Cup and Ateneo Cup. Away from Personal training, he is also a Consultant for a NCAA Collegiate Women’s Volleyball team as Conditioning and Rehab Coach.


Along with his experience, he offers the latest modalities like Functional Fitness Training which aids clients in achieving their goals, improving their health and attaining a total sense of well-being.

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