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Zarah Manikan

She is an introvert with a bodily kinesthetic personality, which explains her other passion - working behind the scenes in her kitchen laboratory as Head of R&D/ Gelato chef consultant. Happily married with two boys who play varsity soccer, Zarah would juggle her passion for family, food and movement with a dedicated practice to yoga and regular sessions in biking, traditional sports, dance and barre exercises, and CrossFit. All these activities, would eventually take its toll to old injuries (SI, lower back, shoulder blade) with on and off discomfort. 


This has led her to discover PILATES which brought realization on aggravating her structural posture deviations together with everyday routine of being on-the-go lifestyle in the city, mindless posture in the kitchen, sitting in traffic, engaging to type-A exercise, get-into-the pose mindset, etc. Her body slowly adapted to the deviation and started to compensate, producing muscular imbalances. 


She then decided to deepen her knowledge in Pilates by taking Options Studio’s teacher training program under the tutelage of master trainer Ole Eugenio and made a conscious decision to become a culturist for ideal posture and an advocate for quality movement.  


Together with her effort to age gracefully and longevity, she and her family made a conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle outside the city, building a small home kitchen garden to grow their own vegetables to nurture a strong heart, and desire to serve others through Pilates.

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